Murder Mystery in Hertfordshire – Who Killed His Lordship at Down Hall?

We were recently at one of our favourite venues, Down Hall in Hertfordshire, running our Who Killed His Lordship event.

Unsuspecting guests are enjoying their pre-dinner drinks when suddenly there is a commotion outside – Lord John himself staggers into the room, coughing and spluttering with glorious, over the top passion before dropping dead there and then!

Sherlock Holmes was soon on the scene (having conveniently been dining in another room!) and sets out to solve the murder – with the guests’ help!

Murder Mystery Evening at Down Hall in Hertfordshire

Guests were soon seated, and as they enjoyed a three course meal they attempted to solve the crime, interviewing suspects and rifling through evidence.

Over coffee, final verdicts were delivered, and then it was a simple case of re-enacting what happened on this most fateful of nights, complete with Sherlock Holmes narrator and hammy death scene!

A great evening was had by all. This is what our client had to say:

Very good, always felt you had listened to my requirements. The opening of the event with Lord John crashing into the room was great, given it was a surprise. Thank you for making the event very special indeed!

If you’d like to talk about how a murder mystery can add excitement and entertainment to your evening, give us a call on 0845 006 0606 or visit our website!

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